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Lu's Cotton Flavors

We Put Taste First

OG Collection

Our Roots



'Nana Cream

Razzy Blue (Sour Blue Raspberry)

Piña Colada

Lemonzzz (Tart Lemon)


Lemony Pink


Fruity Collection

Eat More Fruit


Green Apple

Black Cherry

Peach Mango

Orange Cream


Treat Collection

Lifes Amazing Treats.......In a treat!

Cookies and Creme

Bubble Gum


Birthday Cake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Lu-Berry Cheesecake

Amaretto Praline

Sparkle Cotton

This is the perfect addition to any non-dairy drink to sparkle up your life. A cloud of our classic cotton encases any glitter of your choosing that dissolves instantly in your drink.

Cotton Crispies

How can you describe Perfection?

 When we spin orders, this delectable hard candy collects on the side of the bowl with a flavor like none other. No two sets are the same as it depends on what flavors we are spinning. You can chew it or suck on it. Either way, it is down right delicious.

Cotton Cozies

This is gonna be sooo Good!

This is still being perfected in the factory. Check back soon for more details.

Glitter Bombs

Don't see a flavor you like? Contact us to see if we can make you a custom flavor. Or if you want a custom flavor for a large order or event, submit a custom order form.

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