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About Lu's Cotton Factory

Our Background


Attempting to find a baby-friendly party favor for my daughter Lu’s first birthday, I was inspired by my childhood love for cotton candy. Having someone come and spin at the event would have been nostalgic sure but definitely threatened to hurt my pocketbook.

Always striving to be a modern woman, I figured I could do it myself and started researching machines. I knew I didn't want to pump my daughter full of additives, aiming for a more natural approach for her diet, so I began researching how I could make my own cotton candy base (sugar) as well. 

I immediately fell in love with creating new flavors and spinning. It was the experimentation of it all that really drew me in a time when it felt like all I did was work and mommy. I have always loved to cook, coming from a family of chefs, and it was like I found myself again standing over those wisps of melted sugar.

My party guests were my first guinea pigs and with an overwhelmingly positive response, I just knew that I had to do something with this. And now, here we are :)

Thus Lu's Cotton Factory was born. Let us tantalize your taste buds with freshly spun cotton candy that contains no additives or preservatives. We pride ourselves on making cotton candy that you won't just know by the color, but by the flavor. 

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